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El Cerrito Discovers Key to Infill Planning

BART, Bay Area, El Cerrito, Infill


Livermore Looks Toward Valley In Rethinking Transit-Oriented Plan

BART, Livermore, Valley Link


With BART Extension Imminent, San Jose Looks to Turn Suburb into Urban Village

BART, Diridon Station, San Jose


BART's Four-Station Extension In San Jose Hits a Rocky Patch

BART, San Jose


BART May Soon Take Orders from Blogosphere

BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit, California


BART Still Looking For The Way To San Jose

BART, CP&DR Staff, Featured Articles, Santa Clara County, Transportation, Vol. 24 No. 04 Apr 2009


SFO Gets BART, But New Runways Are Unlikely

BART, Larry Sokoloff, Public Development, Vol. 18 No. 06 Jun 2003


San Bruno Builds a Neighborhood for BART

BART, Morris Newman, Places, Vol. 16 No. 05 May 2001

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