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The Wiener Backlash At The Polls

Ballot Measures


What's On The March 2020 Ballot?

Ballot Measures


Nov. 5, 2019 Local Land Use Ballot Measure Results

Ballot Measures, Elections


State Law Prevails Over Slow-Growth Vote in Encinitas

Ballot Measures, Encinitas, Housing Element


Local Rent Control, Stricter Development Requirements Pass On Local Ballots

Ballot Measures


November 2018 Land Use Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures


Tim Draper Will Yet Solve California's Problems!

Ballot Measures, Secession, ThreeCAs


Updated: Land Use Ballot Measure Results: June 5, 2018

Ballot Measures


Five Land Use Measures Appear on Local Ballots

Ballot Measures, Ballot-Box Planning, Elections, Rent Control, Urban Growth Boundaries


Ballot Measure Roundup: A Quiet Election Day in California

Ballot Measures, Elections

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