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Catalyst Projects Need More Than Gold Stars

Butte County, Paul Shigley, sustainable communities


Court Sides With Butte County In Flood Control Suit

Butte County, CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, Takings, Vol. 24 No. 04 Apr 2009


Chico Subdivision Modifications Don't Qualify As Illegal Exaction

Butte County, CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, Takings, Vol. 22 No. 06 Jun 2007


Ongoing Operation Of Licensed Dam Doesn't Trigger Endangered Species Review, Court Rules

Butte County, California Environmental Quality Act

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Josh Stephens on The Urban Mystique at SPUR: January 19
On Tuesday, January 19, please join CP&DR Contributing Editor Josh Stephens and our friends at SPUR for a conversation about his book The Urban Mystique and the ineffable complexities that make all cities wondrous, maddening, and fascinating.

New Book by Josh Stephens!