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Huntington Beach Housing Decision Reversed

Housing, Housing Accountability Act, Huntington Beach, San Mateo


Inside the Huntington Beach Housing Case

Housing, Housing Accountability Act, Huntington Beach


CP&DR Podcast: Mar. 26, 2020: Coronavirus; SB 50; Future of California Housing

COVID 19, Housing, Huntington Beach , SB 50


Huntington Beach Ends One Housing Fight, with More to Come

Housing, Huntington Beach, Newsom


Streamlining the Housing Element System

Housing, Housing elements, Huntington Beach


Huntington Beach Boulevard Plan: Paris Or Vegas?

Huntington Beach, Morris Newman, Orange County, Places, Specific plans, Vol. 24 No. 06 Jun 2009


Huntington Beach Tax Override to Fund Pensions is Thrown Out

CP&DR Staff, Huntington Beach, Legal Digest, Vol. 18 No. 09 Sep 2003