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CP&DR Contributing Editor Josh Stephens

bio, Josh Stephens, staff


Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Redevelopment Case, Issues Stay of Payments

California, Josh Stephens, Redevelopment


Budget Cuts Could Imperil Review of Housing Elements

California, Featured Articles, Housing, Housing & Community Development, Josh Stephens, Vol. 26, No. 14 July 15, 2011


Borders' Demise Could Open New Chapter In Urban Retail

Borders Books, Josh Stephens


Ken Alex Leads State Planning Efforts at OPR

California, Josh Stephens, Q&A, Vol. 26 No. 13 July 1 2011


Redevelopment Fun Facts

California, Josh Stephens, Redevelopment


The Real Problem with Carmageddon

Carmageddon, Josh Stephens, Los Angeles County


Shoe Warehouse Stumbles Towards Sustainability

Josh Stephens, Riverside County


Redevelopment Agencies Prepare to Fight for Their Lives

California, Josh Stephens, Legislation, Redevelopment, Redevelopment Watch, Vol. 26 No. 13 July 1 2011


Update: Brown Signs Budget Bills, Forces Redevelopment Agencies' Hand

California, California Redevelopment Association, Josh Stephens

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