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Environmentalists Blocked From Challenging Forest Regulations

CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, Logging, Vol. 24 No. 04 Apr 2009


Timber Plans, Environmental Reviews Survive At High Court

CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, Logging, Tuolumne County, Vol. 23 No. 07 Jul 2008


District Attorney Blocked From Suing Pacific Lumber

CP&DR Staff, Humboldt County, Legal Digest, Logging, Vol. 23 No. 02 Feb 2008


State Supreme Court Upholds Local Logging Ordinances

CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, Logging, Santa Cruz County, Vol. 21 No. 08 Aug 2006


Timber Dispute Puts Governor In Uncomfortable Position

Environment Watch, Humboldt County, John Krist, Logging, Vol. 20 No. 03 Mar 2005