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Redondo Beach Expresses Mixed Feelings about Mixed-Use

Mixed-use development, Redondo Beach


Bay Meadows Refines Transit Oriented Development

Infill development, Local Watch, Mixed-use development, Santa Clara County, Specific plans, Trends, Vol. 27, No. 4 April 2012


Napa Braces for Massive Brownfield Development

Larry Sokoloff, Local Watch, Mixed-use development, Napa County, Redevelopment, Vol. 25, No. 7, April 1, 2010


Advocacy Groups Question Mortgage Standards

CP&DR Staff, In Brief, Mixed-use development


Second Phase Of Playa Vista Nears Approval

CP&DR Staff, In Brief, Los Angeles County, Mixed-use development, Vol. 24 No. 18 Dec 2009 - 2


Irvine, Newport Beach Settle Lawsuit Over Housing Plan

Mixed-use development, Orange County, Vol. 24 No. 17 Dec 2009 - 1


Downtown Sacramento's Leftover Becomes A Main Course

Mixed-use development, Morris Newman, Places, Sacramento, Vol. 24 No. 09 Aug 2009 - 1


New Town Proposal Alive In San Benito County

Local Watch, Mixed-use development, San Benito County