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Inland Growth Exceeds Coastal Growth At Last

Central Valley, Housing, Inland Empire, Orange County, Population, Riverside County, Sacramento


Sober Living Facilities Raise Zoning Concerns

Housing, Orange County, Sober Living


California Cities, Counties Grapple With Cannabis

Marijuana, Oakland, Orange County, San Francisco


Coastal Commission Rejects Banning Ranch Proposal

Coastal Commission, Newport Beach, Orange County


Court Says Anaheim Played Bait-and-Switch on Hotel Developer

Eminent domain, Orange County


San Clemente Must Return Unused Parking Impact Fees, Fourth District Rules

Development impact fees, Orange County, Vol. 30 No. 9 September 2015


Bias Councilmember Should Not Have Been Permitted to Appeal Permit Decision, Court Rules

Orange County, Zoning


Banning Ranch EIR Upheld by Appellate Court

Orange County


Anaheim Reinvents the Train Station

ARTIC, Infill development, Orange County, Public Development, Transportation, Transportation, Vol. 27 No. 10, October 2012


Disney's Newest Attraction Turns Cars into Fantasy

Orange County

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Josh Stephens on The Urban Mystique at SPUR: January 19
On Tuesday, January 19, please join CP&DR Contributing Editor Josh Stephens and our friends at SPUR for a conversation about his book The Urban Mystique and the ineffable complexities that make all cities wondrous, maddening, and fascinating.

New Book by Josh Stephens!