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Are Some Development Standards "Unwaivable"?

Density Bonus, Elk Grove, Housing, SB 35


Burbank Settles With Developer, But Not With YIMBY Law

Burbank, Housing, SB 35


What Exactly Went Down In Burbank Over SB 35

Burbank, Housing, SB 35


Are Housing Production Laws Causing An Increase in Multifamily Permits?

Housing, Multifamily, SB 35


Beyond SB 9 and SB 10

Density Bonus, Housing, Impact Fees, Legislature, SB 35


Legal Briefs: Cal Supremes Won't Take SB 35 Case

Berkeley, California Supreme Court, Housing, SB 35


SB 35 Upheld By Appellate Court

Berkeley, Historic Preservation, Housing, Native Americans, SB 35


How SB 35 and AB 1763 Pushed Through An Affordable Housing Project

AB 1763, Housing, Marin County, SB 35


Who Decides Whether California Misjudged the Bay Area's Housing Needs? (And Why It Matters)

Housing, RHNA, SB 35, SB 828, YIMBY


Marin City Opposes SB 35 Project

Housing, Marin City, Marin County, SB 35

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