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Was Supreme Court's Ruling on Sign Ordinance Over-Broad?

Signs and billboards


Developer Liable for Obstruction of Illegal Billboard

California, Legal Digest, Signs and billboards, Vol. 26, No. 18 September 15, 2011


L.A. Billboard Regulations Upheld

Katherine J. Hart, Legal Digest, Los Angeles County, Signs and billboards, Vol. 25 No. 17 Sept. 1-15


Challenge Of San Bernardino County Billboards May Proceed

CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, San Bernardino County, Signs and billboards


L.A. Billboard Regulatory, Contractual Scheme Upheld

Legal Digest, Los Angeles County, Paul Shigley, Signs and billboards, Vol. 24 No. 02 Feb 2009


The Odd Saga Of Parkland For Billboards

Deals, Los Angeles County, Morris Newman, Signs and billboards, Vol. 23 No. 05 May 2008


Cities Successfully Defend Billboard Regulations

California, Legal Digest, Paul Shigley, Signs and billboards, Vol. 22 No. 12 Dec 2007


Content-Based Exceptions In Sign Ordinance Are Not Permissible, Court Rules

Signs and billboards

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