Factory Seeks to Block Housing in Downtown San Diego (Updated)

Deals, Downtown planning, Infill development, Redevelopment, San Diego County, Vol. 27 No. 2 Feb 1, 2012


The New Silicon Valley Land Banking: Corporate Campuses Sell Out to Homebuilders

Deals, Farmland, Infill development, Land Banking, Morris Newman, Santa Clara, Santa Clara County


Low-Income Development Comes With An Embarrassment of Riches

California, Deals, Housing, Morris Newman, Vol. 25, No. 10, May 18-31, 2010


Apple Valley Trades General Plan For Stadium

Arenas, Deals, San Bernardino County, Stadiums, Vol. 24 No. 17 Dec 2009 - 1


Ontario's Hockey Lust: Too Much, Too Soon?

Deals, Morris Newman, San Bernardino County, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 23 No. 12 Dec 2008


The Odd Saga Of Parkland For Billboards

Deals, Los Angeles County, Morris Newman, Signs and billboards, Vol. 23 No. 05 May 2008


South Bay Stadium Deals: Which Is Worse?

Deals, Morris Newman, Santa Clara County, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 23 No. 04 Apr 2008


No, Seriously: Golf Course Saves Fresno

Deals, Economic development, Fresno County, Morris Newman, Vol. 22 No. 12 Dec 2007


Disney Spins Negative Fantasia About Housing

Deals, Housing, Morris Newman, Orange County, Vol. 22 No. 06 Jun 2007


Minor League Stadium Needs Big-Time Subsidy

Deals, Economic development, Morris Newman, San Bernardino County, Vol. 22 No. 05 May 2007

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