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Santa Monica General Plan Anticipates SB 375

General plans, Josh Stephens, Local Watch, Los Angeles County, Vol. 25 No. 17 Sept. 1-15


Irvine Co. Land Donation Keeps Some of OC Wild

Featured Articles, Larry Sokoloff, Orange County, Parks and open space, Vol. 25 No. 17 Sept. 1-15


L.A. Billboard Regulations Upheld

Katherine J. Hart, Legal Digest, Los Angeles County, Signs and billboards, Vol. 25 No. 17 Sept. 1-15


Form-Based Codes Gain Popularity But Cannot Cure All

Bill Fulton, California, Form-based codes, Insight, New Urbanism, New urbanism, Vol. 25 No. 17 Sept. 1-15, Zoning

CP&DR at California APA Conference October 1-4

CP&DR supports APA conference in Anaheim (and online), Oct. 1-4, with panel discussion, booth, special offers. >>read more

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