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Fight Over Redevelopment Funds Not Done Yet

CP&DR Staff, Featured Articles, Redevelopment, Vol. 25 No. 24 Dec 16, 2010


Q&A: Task Force Warns That California Must Adapt To, Not Just Mitigate, A Changing Climate

Climate change, Climate Change, Dan Mazmanian, Josh Stephens, Q&A, SB 375, Vol. 25 No. 24 Dec 16, 2010


California's Top Planning Stories of 2010

California, CP&DR Staff, Featured Articles, TopStories, Vol. 25 No. 24 Dec 16, 2010


Developer's Religious-Use Gambit Fails To Circumvent Landmarks Ordinance

Glen Hansen, Historic preservation, Legal Digest, Los Angeles County, Religious land uses, Vol. 25 No. 24 Dec 16, 2010


Beaumont Development Scores Victory Despite Impact To Agricultural Land

California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, Farmland, Legal Digest, Riverside County, Vol. 25 No. 24 Dec 16, 2010, Water, William W. Abbott