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Demise of Redevelopment Leaves Scorched Earth Instead of Green Spaces

California, Featured Articles, Parks and open space, Redevelopment, Redevelopment Watch, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


Impact of Campus Expansion on Fire, Safety Not Considered Under CEQA

Alameda County, California Environmental Quality Act, School and university planning, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


California Shifts Towards Bike Sharing

California, Downtown planning, Featured Articles, Innovations, Transportation, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


In Wake of RDA Battles, League of Cities Seeks Stability

California Environmental Quality Act, Local government finance, Q&A, Redevelopment, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


Los Angeles Goes Small with 50 New Parks

Los Angeles, Open Space, Parks, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


Concern for Corn Sets Back AB 32's Regulation of Carbon

AB 32, California, Climate change, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


Homeowners Assoc. Can Strike Supermajority Voting Restriction

California, Housing, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012

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Josh Stephens on The Urban Mystique at SPUR: January 19
On Tuesday, January 19, please join CP&DR Contributing Editor Josh Stephens and our friends at SPUR for a conversation about his book The Urban Mystique and the ineffable complexities that make all cities wondrous, maddening, and fascinating.

New Book by Josh Stephens!