Plan Check Engineer

$9,028.93 - $11,523.20 monthly
$108,347.20 - $138,278.40 annually

The Plan Check Engineer is a journey level, non-exempt classification responsible for reviewing and checking building plans and building permit applications for residential, commercial, industrial, and public assembly construction.  Examining plans includes reviewing construction and site plans, and structural calculations, that are submitted by architects and contractors to ensure compliance with building standards codes and local ordinances.  It is differentiated from the next lower classification of Plans Examiner by the difficulty and complexity of work, the experience and certifications required of the position. This classification is a registered Architect, or Professional Engineer. Direction is provided by the Building Official or by the Community Development Director.


To be considered for this exciting opportunity, please apply on-line at www.morganhill.ca.gov and submit the following items:

- A completed City of Morgan Hill employment application
- Cover Letter
- Resume
- Copy of Certificates (if applicable)

This is a continuous recruitment with periodic review of application packets. Only complete application packets will be reviewed. This posting can close at anytime