The results: Contra Costa County City of Brentwood Voters approved a $6 million general obligation bond for a new police station. Measure J: Yes, 73.9% (2/3 required). Los Angeles County City of Azusa A $5.875 million general obligation bond to fund a new library won approval. Measure L: Yes, 76.2% (2/3 required). City of Hawthorne A City Council-sponsored advisory measure on a proposal to replace the general aviation Hawthorne Airport with a large shopping center and hotel was voted down. Measure A: No, 70.8%. City of Hermosa Beach A complicated initiative that, among other things, would expedite preparation of a Local Coastal Program, prevent building permanent structures on the beach, and conserve existing parking spaces was soundly rejected. Measure F: No, 73.9% City of Malibu A $15 million bond that would have provided money mostly for land acquisitions did not receive enough support to pass. Measure K, No, 38.7% (2/3 required). City of Manhattan Beach A $15 million bond to pay for new police and fire department headquarters failed to get enough votes. Measure Y: No, 39.4% (2/3 required). City of Monterey Park Voters ratified City Council-approved amendments to the city general plan's land use element, rezoning properties to accommodate retail and mixed-use development, while also preserving 150 acres of parkland and open space. Measure O: Yes, 64.9%. Riverside County City of Palm Springs Voters approved an initiative that calls for spending the money the city will save by refinancing bonds for the convention center to build a new downtown parking garage. Measure D: Yes, 59%. San Bernardino County City of Chino Modifications to the city's mobile home rent control ordinance won approval. Measure F: Yes, 61.9%. San Francisco City and County A measure that requires voters to approve any project that involves filling at least 100 acres of the bay — namely, the proposed San Francisco International Airport runway realignment project. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors placed the measure on the ballot. Proposition D: Yes, 74.6%. Voters also decided four measures addressing electricity. They barely rejected a measure that would have turned the city's Public Utilities Commission into a water and power agency, with the authority to condemn PG&E transmission lines. By a larger margin, voters rejected a measure to create a new municipal utility district that also would include the City of Brisbane. They approved a $100 million revenue bond to construct solar and wind power systems to serve city buildings. And they gave the Board of Supervisors authority to issue revenue bonds to fund renewable energy projects without voter approval. Proposition B (solar and wind power bonds): Yes, 73.4%. Proposition F (create water and power agency): No, 50.4%. Proposition H (authority to issue bonds for renewable energy): Yes, 55.2%. Proposition I (create new municipal utility district): No, 52.1%. Stanislaus County City of Modesto Measures to extend sewer trunk lines to currently unincorporated areas won voter approval. The elections were required under a previous initiative that requires voter approval for extension of sewer service. Measure N: Yes, 54%. Measure O: Yes, 54%. San Mateo County Coastside County Water District An initiative that would require voter approval for the expansion of the water system that serves Half Moon Bay and unincorporated coastal communities narrowly failed. Measure U: No, 51.6%. City of Menlo Park A $38 million bond to fund park and recreation facilities, and acquire land, won approval. Measure T: Yes, 69.2% (2/3 required). Montara Sanitary District Voters approved a $19 million bond that provides money for the district to purchase a water system now operated by Delaware-based Citizens Utilities. Backers of the measure say a publicly run system would have access to other public water resources, and would provide better service. Measure V: Yes, 80.6% Santa Barbara County Goleta In the fourth vote on incorporation in 14 years, residents of Goleta approved creation of a new city. Measure H: Yes, 57.7%. Santa Clara County City of Cupertino Annexation of the Garden Gate community was approved, despite some residents' fears that the city would allow greater development than the county would. Measure D: Yes, 54.8% Ventura County City of Ventura The electorate backed a measure that requires future voters to decide on the extension of water and sewer services to 9,100 acres of hillside areas bordering the town. The City Council placed the measure before voters after landowners presented plans for developing portions of the hillsides. Measure P: Yes, 77.3%.