The results: Alameda County o Oakland. Measure G. $59 million bond to pay for zoo, museum and science center expansion and renovation. Measure G — Yes: 40,099 (75.0%), No: 13,332 (24.9%). Alameda and Contra Costa counties o East Bay Regional Park District. Measure K. 12-year tax of $12 per house and $8.28 per multi-family unit to fund park development and maintenance. Measure K — No: 141,600 (38.6%), Yes: 225,627 (61.4%). 2/3 vote required. Contra Costa County o San Ramon. Measure P. Consideration of a general plan update, as required by a previous ballot measure. The revised general contains an urban growth boundary and places an emphasis on maintaining open space surrounding the town. Davidon Homes filed a lawsuit to block the election but failed. Measure P — Yes, 5,433 (77.1%), No: 1,611 (22.9%). Fresno County o Reedley. Measure C is a general plan amendment and Measure D is a rezoning to accommodate a proposed Wal-Mart. The City Council placed the measures on the ballot. However, Wal-Mart withdrew its application in December because it said the city's mitigations were too stiff. Measure C — No: 1,751 (50.9%), Yes: 1,690 (49.1%). Measure D — No: 1,761 (51.4%), Yes: 1,665 (48.6%). Imperial County o Calexico. Measure B. A Wal-Mart backed referendum of a city ordinance that limits retail stores larger than 150,000 square feet to 7.5% floor space for groceries. Measure B — No: 2,651 (65.8%), Yes: 1,381 (34.2%). Kings County o Kings County. Measure J. Half-cent sales tax for 8 years to build a new jail and expand juvenile hall. Measure J — No: 4,967 (35.1%), Yes: 9,163 (64.9%). 2/3 vote required. Los Angeles County o Agoura Hills. Measure H. An initiative to limit retail stores to 60,000 square feet. The initiative came about when Home Depot proposed a 139,000-square-foot store on Agoura Road. Measure H — Yes: 2,468 (51.1%), No: 2,361 (48.9%). o Los Angeles. Proposition Q. A $600 million general obligation bond to pay for new and replacement police and fire stations, dispatch facilities and public safety administration centers. The bond would increase the tax on most houses by $30 to $40 annually. Proposition Q — Yes: 220,918 (66.7%), No: 110,277 (33.3%). 2/3 vote required. Marin County o Sausalito. Measure B. An advisory vote on building a new combination police and fire station. Opponents said the proposed 22,000-square-foot building on Caledonia Street would be bad feng shui. Measure B — No: 1,794 (66.4%), Yes: 910 (33.6%). Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties o Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency. Measure N. This would allow district to triple groundwater pumping charges to fund a pipeline to the Central Valley Project. The idea is to reduce groundwater pumping because overdraft is causing seawater intrusion. Measure N — Yes: 4,825 (51.1%), No: 4,587 (48.7%) Napa County o Napa County. Measure K. A general plan amendment and rezoning of 4.7 acres near Lake Berryessa now designated as watershed/open space to allow development of a boat storage business. Election required by Measure J of 1990. Measure K — Yes: 11,601 (50.8%), No: 11,252 (49.2%) o Napa County. Measure L. This measure would allow large agricultural properties to be split off for development of farmworker housing on parcels of at least two acres. Election required by Measure J of 1990. Measure L — Yes: 17,210 (71.5%), No: 6,862 (28.5%). Orange County o Orange County. Measure W. The Orange County Central Park and Nature Preserve Initiative would create a "great park" at El Toro. It designates 3,000 acres for parks, recreation facilities and a nature preserve. About 1,500 acres would go for universities, cultural amenities, and research and development parks. The initiative repeals Measure A from 1994, which designated El Toro for a civilian airport. Measure W — Yes: 263,000 (57.8%), No: 191,998 (42.2%). o Huntington Beach. Measure EE. An initiative backed by landlords to prohibit all rent control. This was a preemptive strike at the growing rent-control movement among residents in 18 mobile home parks. Measure EE — Yes: 24,104 (68.3%), No: 11,185 (31.7%). o Huntington Beach. Measure HH. Placed on ballot by the City Council, this measure eliminates the AES power plant's exemption from the city's utility tax on natural gas. The city opposed the company's plan to restart two idle generators, but the California Energy Commission approved the plan in mid-2001. The city proposed what some people call an "ugly tax." It would raise $2.3 million annually. Measure HH — No: 22,135 (66%), Yes: 11,421 (34%). o Huntington Beach. Measure GG. Requires that the tax on the power plant go to an infrastructure fund. Measure GG — Yes: 18,637 (57.5%), No: 13,789 (42.5%) o Huntington Beach. Measure FF: Calls for establishing infrastructure fund equal to 15% of city general fund. Measure FF — Yes: 18,546 (56.9%), No: 14,075 (43.1%). San Benito County o San Juan Bautista. Measure R. Referendum on an ordinance that streamlined the process for development agreements. Measure R — No: 208 (62.5%), Yes: 125 (37.5%). San Bernardino County o Adelanto. Measure N. $25 parcel charge to develop 25 acres of parkland, upgrade existing parks and fund a new Parks and Recreation Department. Measure N — No: 477 (53.8%), Yes: 408 (46.1%). 2/3 vote required. San Diego County o National City. Proposition H. $6 million bond to build a 56,000-square-foot library downtown. Proposition H — Yes: 2,550 (73.2%), No: 929 (26.7%). o Poway. Proposition J. An amendment to Proposition FF of 1988 to allow construction of fire stations on sites with greater than 10% slope. FF prohibited public uses on slopes steeper than 10%. The proposed site of city's third fire station is on Pomerado Road south of Ted Williams Parkway. Proposition J — Yes: 6,766 (80.5%), No: 1,634 (19.4%) San Francisco City and County o San Francisco. Proposition D. Changes the appointment process for Planning Commission and Board of Permit Appeals. Now all are appointed by mayor. This measure gives the mayor 4 Planning Commission appointees and the president of the Board of Supervisors 3 Planning Commission appointees. The Board of Permit Appeals would be 3 mayor appointees and 2 president of the Board of Supervisors appointees. The measure also allows the Board of Supervisors to reject any proposed appointee. Proposition D — Yes: 59,143 (58.1%), No: 42,598 (41.9%) o San Francisco. Proposition G. A measure to prohibit new billboards. This also allows existing billboards to be moved from their current locations. Placed on ballot by the Board of Supervisors. Proposition G — Yes: 84,726 (79.2%), No: 22,188 (20.7%) San Joaquin County o San Joaquin County. Measure L. An "Article 34" election required by state constitution. Allows the county to develop up to 500 units a year of "low-rent" housing for 10 years. Similar measure was approved 10 years ago. Measure L — Yes: 45,133 (58.6%), No: 31,946 (41.4%). San Mateo County o East Palo Alto. Measure C. Rezoning of 10.5 acres near Highway 101 and University Avenue and allows exception to height limit. This measure would permit development of 320,000-square-foot Ikea store. Placed on the ballot by the City Council. Measure C — Yes: 1,562 (52.4%), No: 1,419 (47.6%) Santa Clara County o Mountain View. Measure N. A measure that would amend the Americana Precise Plan to allow development of a Home Depot on the site of a closed Emporium department store. Measure N — No: 8,759 (64.7%), Yes, 4,776 (35.3%). Santa Cruz County o Scotts Valley. Measure M. Referendum on the latest Glenwood project. The previous project was defeated in a 1999 referendum. The new proposal: 49 houses on 11 acres, 1.6-acre reserve for future development, 7-acre park, 160 acres of open space. Measure M — Yes: 1,493 (51.0%), No: 1,433 (49.0%) Ventura County o Fillmore. Measure Q. $15 annual parcel charge to build a swimming pool and locker rooms. Measure Q — No: 682 (34.3%), Yes: 1305 (65.7%) 2/3 vote required. Yolo County o Winters. Measure B. $66 annual parcel charge (which can rise by 2%/year) for 35 years to build and operate a new 10,000-square-foot library. Measure B — No: 841 (50.8%), Yes: 813 (49.1%) 2/3 vote required. o Woodland. Measure G. Extending half-cent sales tax another 6 years to 2012. The money would fund a flood protection project. FEMA has ruled recently that 35% of Woodland lies in the Cache Creek floodplain. Measure G — No: 6,101 (70.6%), Yes: 2,530 (29.3%).