The City of Palm Springs has agreed to pay $1.2 million to a conservation organization because the city built a golf course on land donated to the city as desert preserve. The settlement apparently ends the protracted litigation between the city and the Living Desert Reserve of Palm Desert. Nearly 10 years ago, a landowner donated 30 acres of open space to the city on the condition that the land be used for a preserve. The grant deed stated that if the city did not keep the land as an open space preserve, the Deserve Reserve would get the property. However, the city condemned the property and developed the Tahquitz Creek Municipal Golf Course on the site. The Fourth District Court of Appeal eventually ruled for the Desert Reserve, harshly criticizing the city's tactics. With a trial date for determining compensation pending, the city sought to settle the lawsuit. The case is City of Palm Springs v. Living Desert Reserve, Riverside County Superior Court Case No. CIVI69605.