LAFCOs, Cities, and Special Districts:
The Challenge of Boundary Changes in the Future
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2008     
REG # U4336 ($ 325)

This intensive one-day course is essential for anyone involved with land use planning and governmental boundary changes. The evolving laws governing LAFCO and its decisions are not just about LAFCO but the future of California, how it and its communities will cope with population growth, provide adequate services, maintain sustainable communities and protect the State's valuable resources. The course provides an extensive overview of statutes and procedures to reorganize local governments. In addition to being a valuable explanation of boundary change laws and practice, it analyzes requirements to prepare Municipal Service Reviews to periodically update city and special district spheres of influence. No refund after October 31.

Seminar Leader:
Bob Braitman has been a LAFCO Executive Officer for more than 25 years, an Executive Officer of the California Association of LAFCOs, and is a private consultant to LAFCO, local agencies and private parties.

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