New laws that bring back redevelopment in a limited way. The Office of Planning & Research's effort to do away with the traffic "level of service" standard. And whether you can live in California without a car.

These are just a few of the most-read stories from California Planning & Development Report in 2014. And now you can check them out again. Here's CP&DR's Top 20 List, in order:

  1. Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts legislation passes in SB 628
  2. Oakland Eyes New Stadiums to Keep Pro Teams
  3. Brown Signs Post-Redevelopment Bill
  4. OPR's new traffic draft rethinks congestion
  5. Are Millenials Truly Different -- Or Just Poor?
  6. LOS to VMT: the arguments have begun
  7. Brown Dips Toe Into Redevelopment Revival -- But With Conditions
  8. Insight: Having no car and plenty of cars
  9. OPR Takes On Level of Service
  10. California land use ballot measures: selected results
  11. June 3, 2014 election: results on land-use ballot measures
  12. Can planners find common ground with Tea Party and property rights activists on means even if they don't agree on ends?
  13. Post-Redevelopment Legislation Seeks Direction
  14. Hydraulics of homelessness: stormwater challenges are linked to encampments in San Jose
  15. Insight: Everyone wants to keep leverage under CEQA
  16. Courts and OPR may revise CEQA sooner than the Legislature
  17. Insight: What comes next after LOS?
  18. Most California locals are tackling climate change -- and using parking reductions to do it
  19. CEQA Makes Us Lazy
  20. SGC meeting begins to shape the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program