The staff of the Strategic Growth Council has early Christmas presents in store for some projects that had applied for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities grants earlier this year. Staff have recommended that eight formerly rejected projects receive a total of $32.5 million in grants. 

The fall funding round was open to eligible projects that had scored at least 60 in the initial round but were shut out in part because of jurisdictional caps when the program announced its grants in June. That round included $120 million in total funding, awarded to 28 projects. 

Projects were evaluated according to their original applications. Some criteria were re-scored according to revised guidelines, focusing on projected greenhouse gas reductions and leverage of other funds. The re-scoring make some projects more attractive than they originally may have been. 

The most contentious issue in the first rounding round centered on geography. SGC staff were accused of unfairly disregarding projects from the SCAG region and disregarding projects because of jurisdictional caps. In this round, four of the eight projects are in the City of Los Angeles; two are in San Francisco, and one each are in Walnut Creek and San Leandro. 

The SGC board is expected to confirm staff recommendations at its December 17 meeting. 


AHSC Fall 2015 Award Nominations (pdf)
AHSC Fall 2015 Recommendations (pdf)

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