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The Silicon Valley Battle Over SB 35

Cupertino, Housing, Los Altos, SB 35, Vallco Mall

Planners Should Not Let Density Debate Infect Their Work

COVID, Density, Planning Practice

CP&DR News Briefs May 5, 2020: SB 35 Court Case; Federal Water Regulations; Air Pollution Rankings; and More

CP&DR Vol. 35 No. 4 April 2020


Position Available, City of Cypress CA

Job Ad

The Dreadful Secret Behind a Nearly Perfect Commercial Strip

Los Angeles, Main Streets, Mixed Use, Urban Renewal

CP&DR News Briefs April 28, 2020: Cities' Fiscal Pain; Ballot Measures Struggle; Developer Sues Sacramento; and More

Planning Meetings Move Online

Brown Act, COVID, Los Angeles, Meetings, Temecula

California's Rubik's Cube Just Got More Complicated

Climate, COVID, Housing

CP&DR News Briefs April 21, 2020: Joshua Tree Protection; Charter Cities Court Case; Bay Area Sea Level Rise; and More