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Join CP&DR's Special Event At California APA

APA, Special Event

Q&A: Anna Nelson on Abolishing Single-Unit Zoning

APA, Housing, YIMBY

Podcast: The Fight Against Single-Family Zoning

Los Altos Reverses Decision To Appeal SB 35 Case

Housing, Los Altos, Mixed Use, Objective Standards, SB 35

CP&DR News Briefs September 8, 2020: SB 35 Cities; Pandemic Traffic; San Diego Density Bonus; and More

Senate Housing Package Dies On Legislature's Last Night

CEQA, Housing, Legislation

CP&DR News Briefs September 1, 2020: Hollister Housing; San Diego Sports Arena; and More

Major Warner Center Developments Move Forward

San Fernando Valley, Warner Center, Westfield

Not All Well Permits Are Ministerial

CEQA, Stanislaus County, Wells

CP&DR Vol. 35 No. 8 August 2020

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