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Senate Housing Bills Are Back

CEQA, Housing, Legislature, Transit

Podcast: Top Planning Stories of 2020


CP&DR News Briefs December 22, 2020: Endangered Species Act; Population Growth; Otay Ranch Development; and More

Laguna Beach Homeowner Must Tear Down Seawall

Coastal Commission, Laguna Beach

CP&DR Vol. 35 No. 12 December 2020


A Year Like No Other

CEQA, COVID-19, Housing, Racial Injustice, TopStories

CP&DR News Briefs December 15, 2020: Upzoning Legislation; Anti-Eviction Legislation; Drilling Rights; and More

CP&DR Podcast: Top Planning Books of 2020

Books, Gender, Housing, Planning History , Race

CP&DR News Briefs Dec. 8, 2020: L.A. Transportation Tech; Tejon Ranch Lawsuit; Gas Tax Spending; and More

Ballot Measure Puts San Mateo In Housing Quandary

Ballot Measures, Housing, RHNA, San Mateo
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