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Position Available, Palo Alto, CA

Job Ad

CP&DR Vol. 37 No. 4 April 2022


CP&DR News Briefs April 26, 2022: Cities Sued Over Housing Elements; Burbank Skirts SB 35; Joshua Tree Remains Unprotected; and More

Prop 13 Imprisons Californians in Their Homes

Proposition 13

When An AirBNB Is A Residence, Not A Motel

Coastal Commission, Manhattan Beach, Short-Term Rentals

CP&DR News Briefs April 19, 2022: Federal Zoning Grants; Los Angeles Homelessness; Climate Change; and More

CP&DR News Briefs April 12, 2022: L.A. County Fire Hazards; Oakland Stadium Lawsuits; SB 9 Implementation; and More

Position Available, Strategic Economics

Job Ad

Cities, Counties Get Ready To Deal With Sea Level Rise

CEQA, Climate Change, Housing, OPR, Sea Level Rise

Position Available, City of Escondido, CA

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