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Virus Crisis Forces Planning to Go Virtual

As the coronavirus shuts down California, planning departments across the state are adapting and staying on-task

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What Does California Housing Look Like In A Post-COVID World?

History suggests that construction coming out of the COVID recession will be slow. On the plus side, prices should stabilize.

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Appellate Court Upholds Overturning Agoura Hills Project Approval

Project is surrounded by development. But MND didn't fly on native plant and oak tree issues.

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Huntington Beach Ends One Housing Fight, with More to Come

Huntington Beach settled a lawsuit over housing with the state by tweaking a specific plan. More battles, and an allocation of 13,000 new units, loom

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The Wiener Backlash At The Polls

Slow-growth forces won land-use ballot measures all over the state in the March primary election.

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Walnut Creek Balances Downtown Density with Suburban Character

CP&DR spoke with Community Development Director Sandra Meyer, a 30-year veteran of planning in Walnut Creek, about how the city is planning for growth.

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Will Feds Tie Infrastructure Funds To Zoning Reform?

It's been a non-starter for years. But all the Democratic candidates are calling for it -- and Trump might not be far behind.

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San Diego Homeless Facility Moves Forward

Both appellate court and Coastal Commission side with city on conversion of Super 8 motel.

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What's On The March 2020 Ballot?

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A typical jumble of land-use measures -- but they suggest California's future direction.

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New Housing Laws Bring Design Standards to Fore

To cut down on discretionary review, new housing laws require cities to approve housing projects so long as they conform to "objective" design standards. Cities are scrambling to draft standards that promote housing and promote desired aesthetic goals.

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Wiener Loses Again. Or Does He?

SB 50 went down in flames once more. But the bill gave the state cover for other bills that would otherwise would have been considered radical. And RHNA is forcing upzoning all over the state.

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Monterey Turns to Creative Zoning to Boost Housing Supply

Limited by a ban on water hookups, the tourist city recycles commercial and industrial land for workforce housing units.

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California's Housing-Climate Rubik's Cube

How can you reduce emissions, reduce risks from wildfire, sea-level rise, and other effects of climate change -- and still build enough housing so Californians will want to stay?

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Trump Finalizes Narrower Wetlands Rule

But California backstop will maintain expansive definition of wetlands in the state.

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Newsom Budget Proposes Modest Housing Changes

After coming out of the box aggressively last year with changes to the RHNA process, the governor chooses this year to focus on homelessness.

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Exurban Temecula Approaches Build-Out

As Temecula looks to more intensive urbanization, Josh Stephens spoke with Community Development Director Luke Watson as part of CP&DR’s new occasional series of interviews with municipal planning officials.

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