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Housing Production Laws Put Cities in a Box in Court

As a recent San Diego ruling reveals, cities have no choice but to defend their decisions to abide by statutes like the Density Bonus Law. At the same time, they are trying to "thread a needle" to challenge those laws in court.

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Specific Plan CEQA Exemption Helps Push Newark Project Through

Enviros' argument that sea-level rise should be considered in EIR also rejected by appellate court.

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Density Bonus Law Trips Up Neighbors' Opposition to San Diego Project

The Bankers Hill group tried to shoot down a 20-story apartment building by, essentially, ignoring recent changes in state housing law. They failed.

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Ballot Initiative Seeks to Override Recent State Housing Laws

Proponents Must Submit 1 Million Signatures By May

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Vagueness in Development Code Trips Up Housing Project

In Santa Cruz, nobody quite knows whether a planned development is supposed to follow slope regulations or is supposed to evade them.

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Newsom Promises More Action on State Land, Housing Streamling

Without providing specifics, the governor's budget says he will redouble efforts to increase housing production. Some new programs are funded as well.

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Davis Project Highlights Problems With Subjective Standards

Despite concern about "transition" and "architectural fit," appellate court reverse judge's ruling that Trackside violates city policies. The court noted that there weren't really any objective standards to measure the project against.

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Lake County's Reverse-Reverse-CEQA Case

A judge found the EIR for a huge wine resort inadequate -- because it didn't analyze the impact of additional people on current residents' ability to evacuate during a wildfire.

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Cities Move Quickly to Regulate SB 9 Housing Units

Some cities are welcoming the units, but others appear to be adopting regulations designed to put up barriers.

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CP&DR's Top Stories Of 2021

What is it about duplexes that make them such a popular topic? And why did only one CEQA case make the top five legal stories of the year?

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Why Thousand Oaks Had to Cave To Rick Caruso

The famously low-rise city had to approve a six-story apartment building to get out from under an unfavorable 20-year-old land lease.

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Are Housing Production Laws Causing An Increase in Multifamily Permits?

New Census figures show a sharp increase in multifamily projects approved in 2021. Are SB 35 and other new state laws behind the jump?

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Are Market-Rate Units Unwelcome In San Francisco?

The recent rejection of 469 Stevenson reveals rifts -- both philosophical and political -- in a city that no longer seems to trust the private market.

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Will The Blue Line Extension Transform San Diego?

The connection to UCSD is a great thing. But San Diego's geography -- and other factors -- may limit its ability to transform.

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Sam Assefa Arrives At OPR

The former Seattle and Boulder planning director returns to California after a 20-year absence to run Gov. Gavin Newsom's Office of Planning & Research. What's his take on California's planning issues? What did he learn in California that he took elsewhere -- and what has he learned elsewhere that he can bring home to California?

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Legal Briefs, November 9, 2021

A CEQA case from Yolo County forces an EIR, while an unpublished case from San Benito County says a developer owes fees.

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Costco Gas Station Opponents Confront The Infill Exemption

Tustin residents are trying to kill a 16-pump Costco gas station by challenging the CEQA infill exemption the city used. So far they've gotten nowhere.

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