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What Role Does Rent Control Play

The housing crisis requires both-and solutions -- not either-or solutions. Rent control might be part of the answer, but much more is required.

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Always Use The Experts

Santa Rosa neighbors lose case after appellate court rejects their "nonexpert" analysis.

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Land Use Ballot Measures: June 5, 2018

Voters in a dozen or so cities and counties will decide on 15 land use measures June 5, with a fairly typical array of questions.

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Sober Living Facilities Raise Zoning Concerns

Profileration of facilities in residential neighborhoods create clash with cities, especially in Orange County.

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The Sad Debate Over SB 827

Maybe everybody on both sides was right. Even so, it wasn't fun.

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Bakersfield Looks Inward

A Q&A with Bakersfield's new planning director.

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What's The Matter With L.A.

New Census figures show that net out-migration isn't bad statewide -- but it's terrible in Los Angeles. 

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School Fees Case: Apartments' Common Space Counts

Appellate court rejects idea that school fees calculations don't include interior hallways and other common space.

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Developer Pressures Berkeley With SB 35

Apartment building gets fast-tracked as a result

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Will Silicon Valley Be Ground Zero For SB 35?

Old Vallco Shopping Center in Cupertino may show the way on how to use the controversial new law.

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California Cities, Counties Grapple With Cannibis

More than 100 jurisdictions are thought to be crafting regulations for all aspects of the industry

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Insight: The Market Versus NIMBYS And Renters

Will Scott Wiener figure out how to make common cause with liberals who don't trust the private development market?

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SB 743 Overrides Parking Concerns

Appellate court gives Covina a victory on infill development -- and deals another loss to Cory Briggs.

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Long Beach Passes Scaled-Down Land Use Element

Action comes after brawl between city and anti-growth groups.

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Legislative Update: Weiner Revises SB 827 Transit Oriented Development Bill

Despite proclamations by many that SB 827 was dead on arrival, for being too aggressive, a revision has just been released

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Court Upholds Referendum on Zoning Ordinance

Repealing a zoning ordinances doesn't create an inconsistency with the general plan because it "doesn't enact anything".

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