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Cities Confront Environmental Justice In General Plans

Environmental Justice, National City, OPR


Martinez Wins APA Award for Promotion of Environmental Justice in National City

American Planning Association, Awards, Environmental Justice, Housing


Q&A: Manuel Pastor, Champion of Environmental Justice and SGC Public Member

Environmental justice, Housing, Senate Bill 375/Sustainability, Vol. 30 No. 7 July 2015


The Dark Side of Environmental Quality

Book Reviews, California, California Environmental Quality Act, End of Night, Environmental justice, Light Pollution


Book Review: 'Making the San Fernando Valley'

Environmental justice, Los Angeles County


Planning Can Be a Solution to Poverty

California, Environmental justice, Josh Stephens, Q&A, Vol. 26 No. 6 March 15 2011


Cemex Pushes For Controversial Aggregate Quarry In Fresno County

Environment Watch, Environmental justice, James Brasuell, Parks and open space, Religious land uses, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Surface mining, Vol. 26 No. 1 Jan 1, 2011


Federal Deadline Sets Off Rush to Approve Solar Plants

BLM, California, California Public Utilities Commission, Endangered Species Act, Environmental justice, Featured Articles, Habitat conservation planning, Nate Berg, Parks and open space, Solar Power, Vol. 25 No. 20 Oct. 16 2010


Bell's $35 Million Railroad Yard Expansion Gets Off Track

Economic Development, Environmental justice, Los Angeles County, Paul Shigley, Vol. 24 No. 02 Feb 2009


U.S. Supremes Decide on Liability

California, CP&DR Staff, Environmental justice, Legal Digest, Vol. 22 No. 07 Jul 2007

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Josh Stephens on The Urban Mystique at SPUR: January 19
On Tuesday, January 19, please join CP&DR Contributing Editor Josh Stephens and our friends at SPUR for a conversation about his book The Urban Mystique and the ineffable complexities that make all cities wondrous, maddening, and fascinating.

New Book by Josh Stephens!