SCG Gears Up to Give $400 Million in Grants

AHSC, Grants, Housing, Local government finance, Senate Bill 375/Sustainability, SGC, Vol. 30 No. 7 July 2015


Is It Time to Bury the Gas Tax?

California, Gas Tax, Highway Funding, Infrastructure, Insight, Local government finance, Transportation, Vol. 30 No. 2 February 2015


Brand-New City Considers Municipal Suicide

Local government finance, Riverside County


In Wake of RDA Battles, League of Cities Seeks Stability

California Environmental Quality Act, Local government finance, Q&A, Redevelopment, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


Redevelopment Cleanup Bill Sparks Relief, Outrage Among Cities

AB 1484, California, Featured Articles, Legislation, Local government finance, Redevelopment, Vol. 27 No. 7, July 2012


Strategic Plan, Grant Programs Drive SGC's Agenda

California, Climate change, Initiatives and referendums, Local government finance, Q&A, Vol. 27 No. 7, July 2012


Redevelopment Agencies' Worst Nightmare Discussed before Supreme Court

California, California Redevelopment Association, Legislation, Local government finance, Redevelopment, Redevelopment Watch


Judge Rejects Initiative to Banish Ventura Parking Meters

Downtown planning, Initiatives and referendums, Legal Digest, Local government finance, Ventura County


Oil Town of Maricopa Running on Fumes

Featured Articles, Josh Stephens, Kern County, Knox-Cortese-Hertzberg, Local government finance, Maricopa, Vol. 26 No. 12 June 15, 2011


Sunset Beach Lawsuit Clouds Future of ‘Island' Annexations

Featured Articles, Josh Stephens, Knox-Cortese, LAFCO, Local government finance, New cities, Orange County, Proposition 218, Vol. 26 No. 7 Apr 1, 2011

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