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CEQA Judge's Lament: "Something Is Very Wrong With This Picture"

CEQA, Marin County, Tiburon


ABAG Grapples With RHNA Appeals

ABAG, Alameda, Housing, Marin County, RHNA


How SB 35 and AB 1763 Pushed Through An Affordable Housing Project

AB 1763, Housing, Marin County, SB 35


Marin City Opposes SB 35 Project

Housing, Marin City, Marin County, SB 35


Marin Quarry's Non-Conforming Status Prevents Expansion

CEQA, Marin County, Non-conforming use, Quarry, San Rafael, Zoning


SMART Train Opens Up New Development Opportunities

Commuter Rail, Marin County, Novato, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County


Sierra Club contests Marin Local Coastal Program revisions; EAC doesn't

California Coastal Commission, Coastal development, Marin County


Court OK's Use of Tolling Agreements Under CEQA

California Environmental Quality Act, Marin County, Vol. 27 No. 8, August 2012


Tiburon Loses Prop. 218 Assessment Challenge

Cori Badgley, Legal Digest, Local government finance, Marin County, Vol. 25, No. 02, Jan. 15, 2010


State's High Court To Review Another Prop 218 Controversy

CP&DR Staff, Legal Digest, Local government finance, Marin County, Vol. 24 No. 09 Aug 2009 - 1

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