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San Diego's Iconic Horton Plaza to be Reborn as Tech Hub

Malls, San Diego, Tech Industry


Planning Departments Feel COVID-19's Fiscal Pain

Anaheim, COVID, Hotel Bed Tax, Mammoth, Sales Tax, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara


San Diego Homeless Facility Moves Forward

Coastal Commission, Homeless, San Diego


Man Bites Dog In San Diego Infill Case

CEQA, Density, Hillsides, Infill , North Park, San Diego


Zoning Not Automatically Subject To CEQA, Cal Supremes Say

CEQA, Marijuana, San Diego, Zoning


CP&DR News Briefs March 12, 2019: San Diego Parking Requirements; Wind & Solar Farms; State Housing Capacity; and More

Housing, Newsom, Renewable Energy, Sacramento, San Diego


San Diego's Seaport Village To Get Major Overhaul

Port, San Diego


Can Citizen Testimony Be Enough To Support Findings?

Findings, San Diego, Subdivision Map Act


San Diego Can Move Forward With Lifeguard Station

Coastal Commission, Permits, San Diego, Statute of Limitations


San Diego Community Plans at Odds with General Plan, Climate Plan

Climate Action Plans, General Plans, San Diego

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