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San Diego Considers Dueling Plans to Finance Stadium, Convention Center

Stadiums and arenas


CP&DR News Briefs, May 18, 2015: L.A. Mobility Plan; Delta Smelt Face Extinction; Solar Power Plan Postponed

California Environmental Quality Act, Central Valley, Downtown planning, General plans, Housing, In Brief, Initiatives and referendums, Legislation, Redevelopment, Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 30 No. 5 May 2015


'Term Sheet' for NFL Stadium Does Not Trigger CEQA Review

California Environmental Quality Act, Cedar Fair, Glen C. Hansen, Legal Digest, San Francisco 49ers, Santa Clara County, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 26 No. 9 May 1, 2011


Diamond Bar Settles With Industry On Football Stadium

CP&DR Staff, In Brief, Los Angeles County, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 24 No. 05 May 2009


Ontario's Hockey Lust: Too Much, Too Soon?

Deals, Morris Newman, San Bernardino County, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 23 No. 12 Dec 2008


Football Island Offers Much too Much

Los Angeles County, Morris Newman, Places, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 23 No. 06 Jun 2008


South Bay Stadium Deals: Which Is Worse?

Deals, Morris Newman, Santa Clara County, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 23 No. 04 Apr 2008

CP&DR at California APA Conference October 1-4

CP&DR supports APA conference in Anaheim (and online), Oct. 1-4, with panel discussion, booth, special offers. >>read more

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