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Legal Briefs: San Jose Surplus Land Ordinance Pre-empted by State Law

California Supreme Court, CEQA, Mitigation Fee Act, Surplus Land Act, takings, U.S. Supreme Court, wetlands


Kavanaugh Misses Oral Argument on Two Major Land-Use Cases

Endangered Species, Takings, U.S. Supreme Court


Coastal Permit Conditions Are Land-Use Restrictions, Not Exactions

California Supreme Court, Coastal Commission, Exactions, Takings


New Supreme Court Ruling Proves Once Again: No Firm Taking Standard

Lake Tahoe, Supreme Court , Takings


Justice Thomas Wants To Go After Nollan/Dolan



How Scalia Found His Voice



Fish & Wildlife Created Physical Taking In Flooding Del Norte Subdivision

Del Norte County, Takings


Overflight Easement Not A Taking, First District Rules



U.S. Supremes Tighten Screws on Exactions -- Is Ehrlich Dead?

exactions, takings


San Diego Property Owner Fails to Win Tax Relief

Eminent domain, Legal Digest, Redevelopment, San Diego County, Takings

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