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CP&DR Podcast: The California-New Urbanism Connection with Rick Cole

Housing, New Urbanism, Rick Cole

Podcast: L.A. Planner-Councilmember Nithya Raman

Housing, Los Angeles

Considering the Varieties of Housing


What's It Like to Be a Black Planner in California?


Q&A: Anna Nelson on Abolishing Single-Unit Zoning

APA, Housing, YIMBY

Q&A: SCAG President Rex Richardson Calls for Antiracist Regional Planning

Black Lives Matter, Equity, Housing, Racism, Regional Planning, SCAG

Q&A: Josh Stephens on California's Challenges, Disappointments, and Delights

The Urban Mystique

APA's Johnston Pledges Support for Planners During Pandemic

American Planning Association, COVID, Planning Practice

Modesto Resists Urge to Sprawl

Director Interviews , Modesto

Walnut Creek Balances Downtown Density with Suburban Character

Director Interviews, Suburbs, Walnut Creek
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