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The Dark Side of Environmental Quality

Book Reviews, California, California Environmental Quality Act, End of Night, Environmental justice, Light Pollution


Smart Growth Literature Hits a Cul-du-Sac

Big boxes, Book Reviews, Charles Montgomery, Downtown planning, Happy City, New urbanism, smart growth, Transportation


(Subway) Tunnels of Love: 'Straphanger' and �Human Transit'

Book Reviews, Human Transit, Straphanger, Transportation, Vol. 27 No. 7, July 2012


Book Review: Planning Los Angeles

Book Reviews, Los Angeles


CP&DR Holiday Book Roundup

Book Reviews, Vol. 26 No. 22 Nov 15 2011


Reclaiming the Interstates from Ike

Book Reviews, Transportation, Vol. 26 No. 22 Nov 15 2011


A Prescription for Prosperity: Let Cities Be Cities

Adam Christian, Book Reviews, California Environmental Quality Act, Economic development, Edward Glaeser, Historic preservation, Infill development, New urbanism, Triumph of the City, Vol. 26 No. 8 April 15, 2011


Every City For Itself: Adapting to Climate Change

Book Reviews, California, Climate change, Josh Stephens, Matthew Kahn, Vol. 26 No. 6 March 15 2011