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El Dorado Ballot Measure Conflicts With General Plan

Ballot Measures, El Dorado County, Exactions, General Plan, Traffic Mitigation


Court Tells Richmond To Reconcile Initiative and General Plan

General Plan, Hillsides, Initiative, Richmond


You Can't Sue Over Policies They Haven't Violated Yet

CEQA , General Plan, Plumas County, Timberlands Act


New General Plan Seeks to Banish Stockton's Demons

General Plan, Stockton


Temporary Zoning-GP Inconsistency Is OK, Cal Supremes Rule

General Plan, Morgan Hill, Referendum, Zoning


Long Beach Passes Scaled-Down Land Use Element

Density, General Plan, Housing , Long Beach


Court Upholds Referendum on Zoning Ordinance

Consistency, General plan, Lafayette, Referendum, Zoning


Broker's Opinion Doesn't Constitute Substantial Evidence

CEQA, General Plan, Retail, Urban Decay, Visalia


New General Plan Trumps Old Specific Plan, Cal Supremes Rule

City of Orange, General Plan, Specific Plan


Is This The Right Meeting? Really?

General Plan, Los Angeles County, NIMBY, OPR

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