Will Slow Population Growth Help Housing Affordability?

Housing, Los Angeles County, Population, Riverside County, San Francisco


Tejon Ranch Approval Pushes Boundaries of Sprawl

Geenfield Development, Los Angeles County, Tejon Ranch


No Triable Issue of Fact in AirBNB-Related Eviction Case

Los Angeles County, Zoning


Sponsored Announcement: International Change Makers of the Built Environment Come Together in L.A. for FutureBuild

Announcement, Events, FutureBuild, Los Angeles County, ULI


Can Bertoni Help Garcetti Run L.A. City Hall's Planning Gauntlet?

Bertoni, Garcetti, General plans, Los Angeles County


Legal Briefs: Cal Supremes Take Another Newhall Case

California Environmental Quality Act, Los Angeles County


Is This The Right Meeting? Really?

General Plan, Los Angeles County, NIMBY, OPR


Supreme Court Gives Enviros Big Victory on Newhall Ranch

California Environmental Quality Act, Environment Watch, Los Angeles County, Newhall Ranch


What Next For The Subway To The Sea?

California Environmental Quality Act, Los Angeles County, Public Development


A Plan with 'Zero' Chance of Success

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Mobility Plan, Vision Zero

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