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Legal Briefs: Project Descriptions Don't Have To Be Specific After All

CEQA, Project Description, SB 743


It's SB 743 Time!

CEQA, LOS, SB 743, Traffic, VMT


SB 743 Stands Up In Court

LOS, SB 743, VMT


Santa Barbara APA Report: How Localities Are Implementing SB 743

SB 743, Traffic, WRCOG


Updated CEQA Guidelines Finally Go Into Effect



SB 743 Overrides Parking Concerns

CEQA, Covina, Infill, Metrolink, Parking, SB 743


OPR Finally Finishes SB 743 Guidelines

CEQA, Infill, LOS, SB 743, Traffic, VMT


Some Tidbits From Cal APA

Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Medical Marijuana, Pasadena, SB 743


Bill to Delay Implementation of SB 743 Gains Traction

California Environmental Quality Act, Environment Watch, SB 743


Californians Show Their Bravery on Climate Change

AB 32, California, Climate Change, Measure R, SB 375, SB 743, Sustainability

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