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Not Abandoning A Project Is Not A Project

CEQA, San Jose, Willow Glen


With BART Extension Imminent, San Jose Looks to Turn Suburb into Urban Village

BART, Diridon Station, San Jose


Housing Crisis Turns School Districts Into Developers

Berkeley, Housing , Mountain View, San Francisco, San Jose, Schools


Sometimes Civic Ambition Should Aim Lower

Downtowns, San Jose, Sprawl


San Francisco Breaks New Ground on Accessory Units

San Francisco, San Jose, Second Units


Google Goes Urban: Campus for 20,000 to Rise in San Jose

Diridon Station, Google, San Jose, Silicon Valley


Massive Development Sparks Border War between San Jose, Santa Clara

CEQA, Housing, San Jose, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley


When Is An Historic Railroad Trestle Not Historic?

CEQA, San Jose


There Was No Way the Builders Were Going to Win the San Jose Case

Housing, San Jose


Oakland A's to San Jose: It Was Just One of Those Things

California, Major League Baseball, Oakland, San Jose

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