General Plan Trumps Zoning In SB 330 Case

General Plan, Los Angeles, SB 330, Zoning


Will the Supreme Court's Abortion Ruling Make It Easier To Turn Down Development Projects in California?

Substantive Due Process, U.S. Supreme Court, Zoning


Biden Housing Plan Mirrors California Efforts

Biden, Housing, Zoning


How Will SB 9 Affect Planning in California?

Duplexes , Housing, SB 9, Zoning


The Plex Paradox

Duplexes, Oakland, Sacramento, Single-Family Zoning, Zoning


The Upside-Down Political Reaction to Biden's Zoning Reform

AFFH, Biden, Housing, Infrastructure, Zoning


Sacramento Moves Forward With Abolishing Single-Family Zoning

Duplexes, Sacramento, Single-Family Zoning, Zoning


Newsom Considers Revival of Redevelopment and Anti-Moratorium Bills

Housing, Legislation, Zoning


Drug Recovery Residences Subject to Zoning

Dana Point, Sober Living, Zoning


90-Day Lawsuit Rule In PZDL Applies Broadly, Court Says

Del Mar, Housing, PZDL, Zoning

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