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Recent Articles in Legal Digest

Another CEQA Loss For UC Berkeley

Baseline, Berkeley, CEQA, University of California

Lesser Streamlining Act Notice Is Sufficient

Coastal Act, Mobile Homes, Permit Streamlining Act, San Juan Capistrano

Supreme Court Makes Takings Cases Easier

San Francisco, Takings, U.S. Supreme Court

Another CEQA-In-Reverse Case

CEQA, El Dorado County, Newtown

Judge Says SB 330 Applies To Referendums

Ballot Box Zoning, Housing, Oceanside, Referendums, SB 330

Short-Term Vacation Rental Regulation Subject To Coastal Act

Coastal Act, Santa Barbara, Vacation Rentals

El Dorado Ballot Measure Conflicts With General Plan

Ballot Measures, El Dorado County, Exactions, General Plan, Traffic Mitigation

Napa Quarry Wins Appellate Court Approval After 13 Years

CEQA, Napa County

SB 35 Upheld By Appellate Court

Berkeley, Historic Preservation, Housing, Native Americans, SB 35

Landowner Wins Takings Victory In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, Takings