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CEQA Exemptions For Homeless Shelters Highlight Legislative Year

CEQA, Housing , Legislation

Coastal Commission Shot Down on Encinitas Condition

Coastal Commission, Encinitas, San Diego Convention Center, Venice

Appellate Court Rules In Favor Of Chico In Walmart Dispute

Appellate Court, Chico, Walmart

Drug Recovery Residences Subject to Zoning

Dana Point, Sober Living, Zoning

90-Day Lawsuit Rule In PZDL Applies Broadly, Court Says

Del Mar, Housing, PZDL, Zoning

Project Description Must Be Specific, Court Rules

CEQA, Hollywood, Project Description

Zoning Not Automatically Subject To CEQA, Cal Supremes Say

CEQA, Marijuana, San Diego, Zoning

Ellis Act Dictates CEQA Baseline

CEQA, Ellis Act, Hollywood

San Diego County's Approval Of 40-Acre Lots Is Thrown Out

Julian, San Diego County, Williamson Act

SB 375 Environmental Review Upheld

CEQA, infill, Sacramento, SB 375, SCS