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Recent Articles in Legal Digest

High CEQA Baseline Upheld

Baseline, Carson, CEQA, Wilmington

Ban On New Mailbu Vineyards Upheld

Agriculture, Coastal Commission, Malibu, Santa Monica Mountains, Vineyards

Appellate Court Upholds Overturning Agoura Hills Project Approval

Agoura Hills, CEQA, Mixed Use, Native Plants, Oak Trees

San Diego Homeless Facility Moves Forward

Coastal Commission, Homeless, San Diego

Legal Briefs: San Jose Surplus Land Ordinance Pre-empted by State Law

California Supreme Court, CEQA, Mitigation Fee Act, Surplus Land Act, takings, U.S. Supreme Court, wetlands

SB 743 Stands Up In Court

LOS, SB 743, VMT

Man Bites Dog In San Diego Infill Case

CEQA, Density, Hillsides, Infill , North Park, San Diego

Court Tells Richmond To Reconcile Initiative and General Plan

General Plan, Hillsides, Initiative, Richmond

CEQA Exemptions For Homeless Shelters Highlight Legislative Year

CEQA, Housing , Legislation

Coastal Commission Shot Down on Encinitas Condition

Coastal Commission, Encinitas, San Diego Convention Center, Venice
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